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Produktnummer: 20SB30101

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Rome Artifact

Before ‘park boards’ was something you could filter a search by, before ‘rocker’ set the world on fire, before flexing for the gram was a thing; the Artifact was out late, hustling in generator-lit streets. Before hashtags, before clout, before influencers and before Real Snow parts, the Artifact was a statement. It was the voice of Kids on Shred who didn’t want a stiff-flexing all-mountain board; they wanted a fun-loving, jib everything board that stood for something, rather than running from everything. Get ready to FEAST, ’cause dinner is served.


Perfectly symmetrical, built with centered stances and identical noses and tails.


A single, straight line of core materials from the insert pack to the board’s nose and tail provides snap for ollies, but lets the rest of the board flex freely. Perfect for park-oriented riding.

straight edge

  • Glasspack Impact Plates
  • StraightBiax Laminate
  • Rebound Sidewalls
  • Skatecore Profiling
  • Stomp Core
  • Impact Base
Sizes 147 150 152w 153 155w 156
Effective Edges (cm) 114 117 119 120 122 123
Lenght (cm) 147 150 152w 153 155w 156
Lenght (mm) 1470 1500 1520 1530 1550 1560