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Produktnummer: 20SB37060

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Rome Ravine

The Ravine is a board designed for riders who want the all-mountain performance of directional camber, with the playfulness of a softer flex pattern. It’s a board that froths for deeper days, but still brings the fun to groomers or simply lapping sidehits with the crew. Built with a 3D rockered nose for effortless float, deep sidecut to lay ruts and a positive cambered tail for throwing clouds and stomping backseat landings, the Ravine is a pure party-wave of versatility for riders who paddle out no matter the conditions.


Built with setback stances, longer noses and added tech or directional cambers to increase the board’s power.


This tail-specific arrangement uses two rods that start at the back of the binding and extend out towards the edge of the board. Perfect for directional boards and powerful slashes.

straight edge


3D rocker in the nose transitioning to a flat section under the front foot and rounded out with a healthy dose of camber in the tail.

straight edge

  • 45/90 Hybrid Laminate
  • SinterTrue Base
  • Taper: 6mm to 10mm depending size
  • Bi-Radial Sidecut
  • Pop Core Matrix core materials
Sizes 152 155 158 162 166
Effective Edges (cm) 116 119 122 126 130
Lenght (cm) 152 155 158 162 166
Lenght (mm) 1520 1550 1580 1620 1660